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Praise & Thanks

Monthly columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine--Martha Beck

“Blaze is courageous, intuitive, and playful–a great coach for anyone whose dreams are just a bit bigger than their confidence. With her compassion, sassy sense of humor, and insight, she’s a wonderful companion and guide to help you discover and live your purpose. Blaze lives the lessons she teaches, so you’ll get empathy and pragmatism as well as inspiration from her coaching.”

Martha Beck, Monthly columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine




Owner Monterey Bay TravelHost Magazine--Gloria George

“Thank you Blaze, for ALL your support, words of wisdom, and especially for giving me back to myself! I’ve always gone after my goals with passion, but I forgot what that felt like. Your guidance, tools, and encouragement will make my future brighter.  I appreciate all you do!”

Gloria George, Owner Travelhost Magazine of Monterey Bay & County




J.R. Rouse Realtor Paula Black“Blaze, thank you so much for your coaching, insights, intuitiveness and your very soothing energy. Thank you so much for creating a safe place for me to be my authentic self.  You have enriched my life and I’m forever grateful for that. Thank you, Thank you.”

Paula M. Black, Realtor®




“After working with Blaze, I feel more confident and I realized my own power. She is a charismatic leader who is tuned in, and she truly understands how to offer emotional space.  Her guidance and perception are right on target, which has helped me live a more purpose-filled life. Blaze is truly top-notch in her field!”

–Michelle Metcalf, Acuity Product Management CTB/McGraw-Hill



Tea Silvestre“Blaze got to the true heart of my questions and then helped me find a way to my own answers. She walked me through the process of connecting with my inner knowing so that I could get reliable advice anytime and anywhere I need it. I don’t mind admitting that there were a few tears released as a result. She’s like an intuitive laser beam — one that exudes love and compassion as it strikes at the core of what needs to be said.”

Tea SilvestreWord Chef



“Thank your Blaze for sharing your gifts with me. From our first conversation, I felt comfortable with you. Your probing questions encouraged my mind to start to opening up, and something deep within me surfaced. I didn’t know how to address it before, but you showed me the way. What an amazing experience.”

–Rosie Aiello, Productivity Consultant at Clear Vista Consulting



Riley Roam

Blaze is one awesome, inspiring, powerful and intuitive woman with the ability to see into people’s souls!”

Riley RoamPage Turner Adventures




Gabriel Martinez“My vision board is already becoming a reality! I just accepted a position that I really wanted and worked so hard to get with a Big 4 accounting firm. My office is on the 24th floor of 25 floors, almost at the top, just as I visualized it on my vision board. Thank you for everything you shared with me during the seminar; and thank God and Universe for providing me with all I need and want.”

–Gabriel E. Martinez,  EY Leadership Seminar at CSU Northridge


Mickey Pawlik

“Thank you again Blaze!  You helped me get off of my derriere (and really start writing), and that’s no easy task.”  

–Mickey Pawlik, Monterey Bay Writers workshop participant




“Thank you Blaze for being a catalyst in my life!  Your workshop started me on a journey which led me to complete my Masters in Positive Psychology–at the age of 63.”

–Ann Mapham, Workshop participant, South Africa




Praise for Blaze by Gabrielle Mancuso “OH MY GAWD, OH MY GAWD … YOU WERE AMAZING! Seriously, Blaze this was an awe inspiring presentation. I don’t know how to thank you except to shout you from the rafters. That was THE BEST. It was from your heart, so moving and sincere. Well done, brilliant Blaze. You evoked the deepest part of all of us. You are such a wonderful speaker. You should be speaking in front of thousands.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for your very stirring presentation at the Science of Hypnopsychology Certification Class in Santa Cruz, CA”

–Gabrielle Mancuso, The Science of Hypnopsychology 


“I find that starting a business is quite complex, and defining a business structure includes a large number of variables. And I know, I’ve started and run many businesses in my life already. I’ve also found that the human mind is best at grasping essence from complexity; I’d like to be effective in this process, although sometimes I’m simply too close to find the answers.

Enter Blaze, she helped me define the focus of my practice.  She’s a good facilitator and she knows just the right questions to ask.”

–Dr. Laz Laky, Hypnotherapist

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