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I am Blaze Lazarony, a Transformational  Business Strategist, CEO & Founder of Blaze A Brilliant Path, Host of the Blazing Women Entrepreneurs podcast, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker.

For 20 years, I held high-level positions in a Fortune 500 companies, including Macy’s Inc. Today my passion is helping Conscious Entrepreneurs create brilliant custom-fit businesses, so they can make all the money they want, and live soul-based lives that light them up!

I am constantly seeking opportunities to write, speak, and to be interviewed on tele-summits, television, radio, and via podcasts, to share more of the message of Blaze A Brilliant Path.

In addition, I am also seeking Strategic Alliance and Joint Venture Partners. If you think we would be a great fit, please schedule a Fanning the Flames JV appointment with me, and let’s get to know one another better.

And while you’re here, please feel free to relax, pour yourself a cup of tea, and read or listen to the various media offerings below and listen to the Blazing Women Entrepreneurs podcast available here, as well as on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Google Play Music.

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Books on Amazon

25 Brilliant Business Mentors, Their Top Tips to Catapult You to Success
5 Success Tips in the areas of Mindset, Business Management, Visibility, Sales, and Money (Splendor Publishing)
The Art and Science of Loving Yourself First: ’cause your business should complete you, not deplete you!
Article-Embracing Your Essence Brings Fragrance to Others (Splendor Publishing)
The Nature of Poetry an Experience of the Four Directions from Canyon de Chelly:
Graphic Designer, Publisher, Editor, and Contributing Writer
Facets and Fragments
A Collage of Works from the Write On! Writers Group

Print/Magazine E-Publishing

I Am Enough Magazine:
Article-Writing Your Golden Business Future
I Am Enough Magazine:
Article-The Sky is the Limit in Business…or Is It?
I Am Enough Magazine:
Article-Burning Through the Veil of Illusion
I Am Enough Magazine:
Article-Creating Your Own Luck
SWEET Nexus:
Article-Illuminating the Darkness with Your Business Vision
Living an Ageless and Beautiful Life:
Article-Embracing Peace at Mid-Life
Women’s Edge-Unleash Innovation for Wild Results:
Business Article-A Decision Point, My Light Bulb Moment

Online Articles

I Am Enough Online:
Article-Truth Telling to Make Your Dollars and Sense Count
Article-Challenging the Fine Art of Being Busy
Article-Three Lessons to Become A Brilliant Entrepreneur
All Things
Former Co-Editor and Contributor for PsychoSpiritual Category
Former Co-Editor and Contributor for Writing & Poetry Therapy Page
Wayfinder Post:
On-going Contributor
Summer Love Notes Series:
Love Poems to Summer
Story Bistro:
A Story of Big Whys and Secret Desires
The Center for Journal Therapy:
Community Member of the Month, November 2013
Caregiving with Purpose:
Article-Does Celebrating Who You Are Now, Mean Forgetting Who You Are Not?
Celebrating Love & Extreme Self-Care:
Article-Quotes to Love By Based Journal-Giving Back:
Article-Offering Gratitude & Thanks, One Day at a Time
Caregiving with Purpose-Nurturing & Supporting Alzheimer’s Caregivers:
Article-Does Celebrating Who You Are Now Mean Forgetting Who You Are Not?
Hindsight to Insight: 26 Women in Business reveal What They Know Now that They Wish They Knew Then:
Article-A Brilliant Moment: Discovering Essence Journal-Think About It:
Article-Creativity at Work is a Magic Elixir
Monterey Career Coach Examiner Journal-Women In it to Win It:
Article-Are Your Ready to Bring It?
Happily Thinner
Article-Games People Play with Their Weight
Article-Crossroads of Competition and Collaboration: A New Life Can Begin There
Article-Create A Special Girlfriends Club To Be The Best Friend And Sister Possible

Online Interviews

Dilemmas of a Small Business Guru:
with Dr. Rosie Kuhn of The Paradigm Shifts
Connecting People, Changing Lives Interviews Blaze Lazarony:
with Nancy Ferrari and Caren Glasser of Spark It Network
From Stranger in a Strange Land to Blazing Fireball
with Michele Jennae Battershall of Connecting People, Ideas, and Opportunities
Rachel Karl Interviews Blaze Lazarony:
with Rachel Karl of Super Simple Social Media

Speaking Engagements

Successful Thinkers-Modesto, CA hosted by Gail S. Wilson
Networking Beyond Your Back Yard-Pismo Beach, CA hosted by Sherrill Calhoun
Successful Thinkers-San Mateo, CA hosted by Madlen Mirzaian-Saddik
Successful Thinkers-Alameda/East Bay, CA hosted by Michael McDonough

Google Hangouts

Accelerated Networking, hosted by Joie Gharrity & Sherill Calhoun
Highlights of Levels 1, 2, and 2 1/2 of the 7 Level Entrepreneur Business Life Cycle System
Co-Thinkers of Fresno, hosted by Sherill Calhoun
Leading with Fire & Soul in your Business

Radio & iTunes Interviews
Your Partner in Success Podcast with Denise Griffitts:
Help! I’m Ashamed of the Size of My Email List
The Work Alchemy Podcast with Ursula Jorch
What Type of Impact Do Choose to Make in the World?
The Prancing Kitten Radio Show with Lisa Lamont: 
Decision making in your business can be as easy as P-I-E!
Aloha Friday with Randy & Sandy Live from Maui’s Pono Radio:
Business Strategy & The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First
The Prancing Kitten Radio Show with Lisa Lamont: 
Lighting the Way for Entrepreneurs & the 7 Level Entrepreneur Business Life Cycle System
The Prancing Kitten Radio Show with Lisa Lamont: 
Talking about the joys of being in business and why knowing your value is so important.
The Good Energy Entrepreneur Show with Kim Kirkley:
Sharing the odd gifts that are wrapped in gold & platinum that are all around us.
RealitySpirituality with Rebecca L. Norrington:
A powerful interview on All Things Spirituality, don’t miss this one!
Business Bits with Susan Rich of Susan Rich Talks on Women for Women Radio:
Guest Expert on discovering your Inner Spark and Energy Healing


Learning to Love Summit hosted by P.J. Dixon
Guest Transformational Business Strategist

Happiness TeleSummit with Erica Glessing:
Guest Happiness Expert

Strategic Partnerships

Strategistx2 for Business Brand Success for Women Entrepreneurs
Collaboration by Blaze Lazarony and Joie Gharrity of No. 113 Branding
Be Your Own Boss Expo:
Invent Your Future:
Women’s Conference: Round-table Leader and Exhibitor


Macy’s Satellite Network:
Former Co-Host for Shop Talk

Network Program Host

Wisdom and Intuition Network (WIN):
Former Program Host of Blaze A Brilliant Path with Blaze Lazarony

Notable Links

The Art of David Lazarony: David and I discovered one another in high school, the rest, as they say, is history!  We walk the path of love, support, and mutual admiration every day together. He is an extremely gifted artist and computer engineer. I am proud to call him my husband for more than twenty-seven years.

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