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Quiz: Ignite the Level of Your Conscious Business

Ignite Your Business JourneyBeing in business is a journey, let’s IGNITE it together!

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As a Conscious Entrepreneur, both you and your business are always changing every step along the path.

Your business goes through many stages of development similar to the way you do as a human being. Just like you’re not wearing the clothes that you did when you were a toddler, the same thing is true of your Conscious Business.

With the passage of time, a business goes through a business life cycle too, cycles full of key goals, challenges, and even financial ceilings.

In order profitable and successful at each level of the business life cycle, you need to have the clarity to focus on what is most important. And every level requires mastery of various strategic marketing, financial freedom, and positive mindset tools and techniques.

It’s important to understand and implement individual, yet specific, strategies for your business at each level, because this builds a strong foundation for current and future business growth. It’s all about being in perfect alignment with the greater vision of your business, as well the essence of who you are.

Introducing IGNITE

I created IGNITE: The 7 Level Conscious Entrepreneur’s Business Life Cycle for Profitability and Success, a ground-breaking illumination tool which clarifies where your business is currently as a Conscious Entrepreneur, especially as a Coach, Consultant, or Healer, and how to move your business to the next level with grace and ease.

This is not a template or a cookie-cutter process, rather is custom-fit every step of the way for each and every Conscious Entrepreneur. At each of the 7 levels, there are important in-depth core concepts that are important to learn and implement, as well as distinctive benchmarks along the way.

This isn’t an exact science quiz either, since everyone and every business is different, and yet it’s a guide to show you how you can grow your business to the next level, by first identifing where your business is at today.

Many potential clients come to me because they are suffering from frustration and confusion, they are burned out by doing too many things, and they are still not getting the results they want.

Ultimately they may be lacking business clarity and personal alignment for the level that are at as a Conscious Entrepreneur. For example, they attempting to accomplish goals that are important at Level 4 or 5, when their business at Level 3. Or they are not exploring all of the options available to them at Level 2.  It’s all about the strategic marketing, financial freedom, and positive mindset concepts that are important to learn and implement at your unique level.

I support my clients to IGNITE their business at every level, Level 1 through Level 7, of running a business as a Conscious Entrepreneur.  I teach them the necessary skills, processes, and strategies of owning a business; everything from dreaming about a business, to actually manifesting it, to running it, and then creating a lasting legacy for yourself.

This unique illumination process is based on my twenty years of corporate experiences of managing businesses and mentoring people, plus over ten years of leading personal and professional transformational events, workshops and working with clients.

 programs and events. There is no other illumination tool like this out there on the planet!


Quiz:  IGNITE the Level of Your Conscious Business

Are You Ready to Discover the Level of Your Conscious Business?

Ignite: The 7 Level Quiz by Blaze Lazarony, CEO & Founder of Blaze A Brilliant PathLet’s Get Started…

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Please read each of the questions below and choose the answer that resonates the most with you.

I most value being in business today so I can:

What I love most about being in business is:

My biggest challenge in my business right now is:

I am currently grossing this many dollars per year in my business:

I have been in this version of my business for:

In my business, I am discovering how to most embrace:




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