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Contact Blaze Lazarony, Business Strategist at Blaze A Brilliant PathBlaze Lazarony is Lighting the Way for Entrepreneurs!

Hi — I’m Blaze Lazarony, Transformational Business Strategist and CEO & Founder of Blaze A Brilliant Path, Host of Blazing Women Entrepreneurs Podcast, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker.

Blaze A Brilliant Path is a global community committed to Lighting the Way for Conscious Women Entrepreneurs–Coaches, Consultants, and Healers, who have a big mission to light up the world!

I take the time to know each client, and understand where they are within my groundbreaking illumination system and quiz, IGNITE: 7 Level Conscious Women Entrepreneur Business Life Cycle for Profitability and Success.  Together, I help you to develop a one of a kind custom-fit business strategy that addresses your unique business needs, so you can achieve higher levels of success and make all the money you want. In addition, I share transformational tools and positive mindset techniques to help you live a soul-based life that lights you up!

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If you’re ready to start experiencing more profitability and success in your life and business, here’s your opportunity…

Click on this link to schedule a complimentary 60-minute Strike-A-Match: Light Up Your Life & Business Strategy Session, a FREE, no strings attached clarity session with me.

Click here to set-up your Strike A Match Session with Blaze Lazarony, Business StrategistDuring our time together, you can tell me more about your unique business, as well as share some of the ideas that you’ve tried up until now–the ones that were big wins, and the flops that left you feeling frustrated.

You’ll talk and I’ll listen.

Then if I think we’re potentially a good match for each other, and you’re interested–I will share more about how I guide my clients into creating a custom-fit business–one that optimizes their essence, strengths, and unique vision. I’ll also tell you more about how I can help you to take your business to the next level, by creating packages, programs, systems, marketing strategies, and client attraction plans, to ultimately help you create a brilliant custom-fit business and a live a soul-based life that lights you up!

Contact Blaze and book your complimentary 60-minute Strike-A-Match: Light Up Your Life & Business Strategy Session today!

Cheers to your Brilliant Business,


Blaze A Brilliant Path
P.O. Box 316
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

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Disclaimer of California Business & Professional Code 2053.5
Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony, is not licensed by the state of California as a healing arts practitioner. The services offered by Blaze, including hypnotherapy, do not include the diagnosis, treatment, or cure of any medical conditions, illnesses, or diseases.

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