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Are You Ready to Bring Your Brilliant Conscious Business Vision to Life?

Can You Envision Having a PROFITABLE & SUCCESSFUL Conscious Business?

Do You Know Deep Inside that it’s Time to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Yet…You Don’t Know What to Do Next?

Or How to Earn All the Money You Want to?

Breathe Deep Sister, because TODAY is YOUR DAY to Get Started…


Dear Conscious Entrepreneur,


Does any of this describe you?

  • You feel stuck, because you can’t see how to grow your conscious business to the next level, and it’s driving you CRAZY because you’re used to moving fast
  • You know that if you could “put your finger on it” you could unleash your creative spark and have a fabulous and highly profitable business as a Conscious Woman Entrepreneur
  • You’ve tried to build your business by learning other people’s fancy programs, but you can’t translate their advice into your unique business because “their” models don’t fit you
  • You keep getting internal messages or intuitive hits, but you don’t trust them
  • You’re frustrated and feeling down on yourself by 4 p.m. — another day has gone by and you haven’t made tangible progress on the things that will move you forward on your path
  • You wake up at night with moments of panic and doubt, and you wonder how this is going to work, because you’ve already been at this for two years.

I’ve been there, done that.


I know exactly what it feels like to have that burning desire inside, ready to move, but not sure of what the next step is to create the brilliant life and conscious business you’ve always imagined.

My name is Blaze Lazarony, and I’m a Transformational Business Strategist and the CEO and Founder of Blaze A Brilliant Path,

and I am Lighting the Way for Entrepreneurs

Here’s just a taste of what you will get when you work with me:

  • You will shine a light on your unique business, and discover which level you’re on and how you can reach the next level with ease while creating a custom-fit business and living a soul-based life that lights you up!
  • You will wake up in the morning with a sense of relief feeling full of passion, having a vision, and knowing EXACTLY what to do next
  • Learn how to put innovative and tangible business strategy based solutions in place that support you, your lifestyle, and your business
  • You will get on the shortest, fastest path to financial freedom. (So you can finally take those vacations you want and make the contribution to the world that is important to you.)

Let’s get you started today with a brilliant gift:

How to Ignite Your Heart, Courage & Insight and Become a Successful Entrepreneur

In this ebook you will learn:

How to Ignite Your Heart, Courage, & Insight and Become A Successful Entrepreneur by Blaze Lazarony

  • The real reason why the “gurus” may not be able to help you and what to do instead
  • The secret to busting through resistance to growing your business and getting on back into the fun of manifesting your vision!
  • How to create a conscious business and life that honors the truth of who you are

You’ll also receive my e-zine “Light Up the World” full of how to’s and tips to help you Blaze A Brilliant Path.

To receive your copy of How to Ignite Your Heart, Courage & Insight and Become a Successful Entrepreneur, simply enter your information here.


Cheers you to and your Brilliance,



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