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Be a Guest on the Blazing Women Entrepreneurs Podcast

The Mission of Blazing Women Entrepreneurs:

Blazing Women Entrepreneurs are Fire-Starters, Illuminators, and Torchbearers who are committed to being leaders of the Conscious Business Movement. We are inspirational and innovative leaders who believe in empowering ourselves and others to fulfill our dreams and make a difference in the world; we believe in transformation. Our collective mission is to serve as a collaborative community of women (and men too) who share resources, tools, and education that support both ourselves and others to be successful in life and business.

We are a global Virtual Community, an in-person Meetup group on the Monterey Peninsula in California, and a weekly Podcast available on my website, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and on Google Play Music!

Would you like to be a guest on the Blazing Women Entrepreneurs Podcast?

Is this you?bwe-logo-800x800

  • Are you a Conscious Women Entrepreneur who is passionate about serving the world through your transformational business?
  • Have you been in business two or more years?
  • Do you have a regular blog or vlog?
  • Have you been published, either in a collaborative book chapter or a book of your own?
  • Have you already been a guest on other podcasts?
  • Are you on a “mission” to help change the world?

If so…I’d love to encourage you to apply to be a guest on the NEW Blazing Women Entrepreneurs podcast.

First, allow me to set the stage:

Please imagine that you and I are seated in a circle, along with other Conscious Women Entrepreneurs. We have all gathered around a warm fire at the beach, with the sound of lapping water in the distance, to share our life and business stories using relatable language and laughter. And our collective vision is to share, teach, and help people transform in front of our very eyes.


This circle of support is the intention of the Blazing Women Entrepreneurs podcast, to share the light (and sometimes even the dark) side of being in business as a Conscious Woman Entrepreneur.

Click here to listen to past episodes.

More About Being a Guest on the Blazing Women Entrepreneurs Podcast

On the show, I’ll invite you to talk about you, your business, and the people who you serve, as well ask you to share at least three tips that would help and support the show listeners. And I’ll also share business strategy, financial freedom, and positive mindset practices, as well as stories that I use with my clients to keep moving their businesses forward.

Each podcast is approximately 24 minutes in length. And I am now booking podcast guests three to six months out.

If you would like to apply to be considered as a guest on the Blazing Women Entrepreneurs podcast, please out the form below. Once I receive your form responses, I’ll send along a more detailed questionnaire to see if we’re a good fit.

I look forward to Lighting Up the World together.

In love and light,


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